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Q. My openings are smaller than you posted sizes?
A. Please keep in mind that porch screen is the exact posted size. You may have space on your jam or molding to manipulate the screen for a good fit.
Q. How do I measure for a good fit?
A. The best way to measure is side to side and top to bottom and include 1 inch on each side and 1 inch at top and bottom for mounting
Q. How do i install screen?
A. Very simple. - Included with every porch screen is enough self adhesive hook fastener to frame around your door.
1. Simply remove clear tape from hook fastener and press fastener to door frame .
2 .Next unfold your porch screen and press the edges of the porch screen to the fastener you just applied to you post or frame.
Q. What colors are available ?
A. Currently we only make porch screen in black.
Q .If Ii buy more than 1 instant-screen is there a discount?
A. We can give you a discount if you order 12 or more screen at one time.
Q. Is porch screen durable?
A. Porch screen is made in the United States using screen fabric which is also made in the United States - porch screen is quite similar in quality to screens used on widows and doors of newer homes
Q.Can you rush our order?
A. We can rush your over and sometimes ship overnight service. There is a charge of $49.Please call for details and availability
Q. How soon will we receive our porch screen?
A. We make porch screens one at a time to order to insure quality. Most screens are shipped in 7-14 days.
Q. None of the posted sizes will fit our door?
A. Porch can be made in any size and used for many different applications. Please feel free to e-mail us with your measurements and we will send you a quote. If the size you are looking for is close to one of our posted sizes just add $30.00 to posted size and we can will make you one
Q. What is the life expectancy of screen products?
A. Our experience indicates that under non-abusive conditions you should expect your screen material to last roughly 6 to 12 years. Your results may vary due to actual conditions your material is exposed to.
Q. What general maintenance do I need to perform on my screens?
A. Rinsing with clean water as required to keep dust and dirt from accumulating on the material. At the most, a very soft brush may be used with a mild detergent to loosen any hard deposits. Use very little (extremely light) brushing pressure
Q. Should I remove my screens when not in use?
A. Entirely up to you. We have no recommendation other than if you can do it with out damaging the screens in the process - your likely to extend the life of the screen to a degree
Q. Is it recommended that we use nails or staples?
A. You can staple or nail the screens for extra adhesion, however please make sure they are rust proof.
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